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Amuse-Net Inc.
  Person in charge of mail order
Yoshiaki Hoshino
MARUWA Building, 1-1 Nishi 8Choume Kita 36jo Kikaku Sapporo Hokkaido 001-0036. Japan
Tel/Fax : 011-804-2095
e-mail :
  Charges except the price
Carriage, transfer commission, and COD commission(At the COD selection. ). Details are displayed when the order is fixed, and an e-mail will be sent.
  Date of delivery
In case that there is a stock, We will send out within 7 business days, after the payment is confirmed.
In case that there is out of stock, we will inform you of the date of delivery by e-mail first, and send it after as soon as it is arrived.
  Means of payment
The bank transfer, the postal transfer, the credit card, and the cash-on-delivery is available.
  Term of payment
Before sending out the commodity. It is when the commodity is delivered. In case that cash-on-delivery is selected.
The cancellation will be assumed in case that there is no payment after more than two weeks have passed since the order was fixed.
  Exchange of defective goods
We will exchange defective goods caused in our responsibility. We bear the carriage commission in that case.
  Returned goods
The commodity can be returned if it is within seven days from the arrival of commodity. But it should be only before used.
Please bear the carriage commission when the commodity is returned.
The return of the price will be an amount of money that deducts a commission.
If there was shortage, please contact us by e-mail within two weeks after arrival. (Resale items and gifts are excluded.)