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1. Company name
Amuse Net Inc.
2. About the handling of individual information
We observe the law relating to protection of individual information, and handle individual information provided from the customer with scrupulous care.
In this page, we will explain the handling of customers' individual information in our company.
3. Purpose of use of individual information
Individual information collected from the customer is used for the purpose of use of the next paragraph description and the following ones.
a) For the after-sales service of the commodity that our company offered
b) To use it when our company provides the customers with service
c) To inform the customers of information such as new commodities precisely
d) To contact the customers if necessary
e) To do the confirmation work on the audit
4. Safety measures of individual information
We make an earnest effort to manage and administrate customers' individual information safely, and take a rational and appropriate safety measures in order to prevent illegal access from the outside, the loss, damage, destruction, falsification, leakage and illegal outflow of individual information.
Moreover, we leave the person in charge of information management in each section handling individual information, and try to manage individual information appropriately and let all the employees know the rule concerning the security of the information.
5. Disclosure to the third party
We never disclose any third party, except when corresponding to either of individual information the following:
a) When there is the customer's agreement
b) When discloseing it in the situation that the customer cannot be recognized
d) When the disclosure is demanded by ordinance
e) When it is necessary to protect the life, the body or the property, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's agreement
6. Disclosing procedure of individual information
The section in charge of the task in our company takes the disclosing procedure of the possessed individual data.
address: 1-1 Nishi8chome Kita 36jo Kitaku Sapporoshi Hokkaido
Company Name: Amuse Net Inc.
Person in charge: Yoshiaki Hoshino
Tel,Fax: 011-804-2095
Please inquire the above-mentioned in case that the claim on disclosing of the individual data our company possess is requested.
7. Correction of individual information etc.
When any mistake is found in the content of the individual data our company has, the procedure of the correction, the change or the deletion will be promptly taken.
8. Complaint procedure
The above-mentioned section will treat the complaint of the handling of our individual information.